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Robot Hacking


Many earlier posts have already covered hacking as it applies to various interactive machines, a feature that was implemented a year ago. Only now have we finally reached the tangentially related robot hacking mechanic. Robot hacking was planned from the beginning, but it took this long to reach this point because it ideally should be […]

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Information Warfare


Knowledge is king in roguelikes. I’m not talking meta knowledge–that’s important, too, but this is about situational knowledge at a given point in any single run. Roguelikes are all about exploring and confronting the unknown (see intro to old fog of war post), and success is all that much closer if you can uncover as […]

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UI Feedback: Map Dynamics 2.0


A while back I mentioned a design initiative based on the concept of “map dynamics,” aimed at increasing player focus on the map area as opposed to the message log or other windows. After the initial spate of related features and animations, this part of development was put on hold as the rest of the […]

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Cogmind is a game about robots, so it’s about time we talk about them (finally!). It’s taken quite a while to get to this point because robots are built upon the game mechanics and items (and to an extent, the story), so holding off on this central element enables us to consider the full range […]

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Multi-tile Robots

Cogmind Multi-tile Robot (3x3)

One thing you don’t see in a lot of traditional grid-based roguelikes is multi-tile units. Most such games are designed on the “one space, one entity” principle (though X@COM has had multi-tile units for a couple years). This makes things simpler from both a tactical and implementation perspective, but somewhat reduces realism when your fighter […]

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