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Siege Tread Mechanics

Hot on the heels of upgradable RIF abilities for bothackers, Cogmind has gotten yet another relatively accessible new mechanic that will lead to a variety of new tactics: all multislot treads have the option to enter “siege mode.” Patron Item/Mechanic One of the goals I’d set on my Patreon was to allow players to submit ideas […]

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Sorry macOS users, but Apple has gone too far for some of us devs

Years ago when Cogmind was first released, I kept an open mind about the future prospect of releasing an official Mac version. Cogmind is my first commercial game, after all, and having only previously released hobby projects as freeware, and only on Windows, I couldn’t be too sure what supporting additional platforms would entail. So […]

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Quicksaving and Restore Points

For me, permadeath is a huge part of the roguelike experience. When you make enough mistakes that you lose–that’s it, it’s over. No immediately starting from a safe checkpoint not long before in order to try again, no in-game benefits carrying over to future attempts. Each run is an isolated attempt in which you’re armed […]

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Rebranding Difficulty Modes

A couple years back I introduced difficulty settings to Cogmind. At the time I wrote about the benefits and drawbacks of difficulty modes in roguelikes, along with an introduction to Cogmind’s difficulty-related features, and overall I’ve been pleased with the results, but with experience I’ve discovered there is definitely room for improvement in a few […]

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