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Debugging Mapgen Seed Divergence

I rather enjoy debugging. It’s just another type of puzzle, one of the many challenges of gamedev approached with logic and the tools at hand. It should be noted I actually don’t much like debugging if it involves a bunch of code I didn’t write, but this is why I almost entirely use my own […]

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Dissecting a Cogmind Changelog

Cogmind has had 15 major releases in the past 21 months, and the changelogs for especially the latest four have each been massive walls of text. While it’s fresh in my mind, and before we move on to a different system of smaller, quicker patch-style releases, I thought it would be interesting to share an […]

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Web Support in Single-Player Roguelikes

While we often think of single-player games not requiring an internet connection, and certainly many of us do play our roguelikes offline, there are advantages to implementing optional online features in a roguelike. Browser games, or roguelikes that require a persistent server connection to handle gameplay/content, are beyond the scope of this article. Those are […]

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Animation vs. Pacing: A Dilemma of Modern Roguelikes

One of the nice things about traditional roguelikes is you can play a game at any pace you like. Turn-based action means you can stop and contemplate your next move as long as you like, but at the same time instant feedback from actions means you can string them together as fast as you can […]

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Cogmind Config

If a game has more than one player, there will always be more than one play style and set of needs. In game development it’s generally good practice to make features customizable if possible [without breaking or ruining something], and to add optional features that aid usability for those that need or want them. I […]

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