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Item Searching and Filtering

Many years ago, Cogmind’s predecessor X@COM pioneered the idea of using a pop-up label system in an ASCII game to identify objects like items, beneficial both to help teach new players as well as a natural quality of life improvement. This allows players to more quickly know exactly what an item is, useful when there are […]

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Cogmind 2020 ARG Walkthrough

Last time I shared how Cogmind’s special ARG event for Halloween 2020 was conceptualized, built, played, and received. Now it’s time for a deep dive into the puzzles themselves! That also means SPOILERS! Basically here I’ll run through most of the steps to the ARG and add a bit of commentary on each where appropriate. […]

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Cogmind 2020 ARG Post-mortem

A few months ago as I was planning out the rest of the year, naturally it was about time to start asking myself what kinds of special events we might have for Cogmind. The major Beta 10 was released in September, so there was once again an opportunity to spend some time playing with different […]

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Year 7 of the Cogmind

And another year of development whooshes by! Okay, so no surprise there, Cogmind has now been in continuous development for over seven years, and it’s once again time for the usual end-of-year annual review. Building Cogmind is still very much my full-time job at the moment, though as we’ll see in the review, this year […]

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Exploring the Concept of a Terminal Roguelike “Overmap”

Lots of games have “minimaps” allowing you to view a greater area than normally visible in the game screen, although (except in maybe a few rare instances) these usually aren’t games with displays limited to a strict terminal grid like we have with Cogmind. After all, you can only “zoom” so much given the restrictions […]

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