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Cogmind’s Two-Year-Old New Logo

I enjoy sharing lots of information about Cogmind’s development process, and before the first alpha released two years ago, the main spot for followers to stay up to date on progress was this dev blog. Sharing early dev stuff can in some cases become a problem later when related features, graphics, or some other aspect […]

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Pricing a Roguelike

Price, funding, revenue, development costs… these are not terms traditionally associated with roguelikes. The situation has changed significantly over the past several years, though. Not only are there many more roguelikes these days, but some of them (*gasp*) even cost real money! Having made the leap from years of hobbydev to years of commercial roguelikedev, […]

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The Making of Cogmind’s Alpha Trailer

A game’s trailer is extremely important, so rather than release some mediocre video recordings during pre-alpha development I decided to let gifs show off the animation while keeping the audio side of things to myself, waiting for the game to reach a more complete state when I could then invest a lot of time into […]

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New Cogmind Website

Cogmind development is finally far enough along that we have sufficient content for a proper website! If you noticed it at all, the original Cogmind “website” consisted of a bare-bones intro and FAQ. That placeholder has been replaced with a full site, so the game now has a go-to portal for information where you’ll find […]

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This is a question I’ve wrestled with for some time now: Should I take the popular crowdfunding route to support Cogmind development? I’ll use this post to lay out the situation and my thoughts both for and against that route. Platforms First, a caveat. As a non-US citizen (no, not UK either) it’s not easy […]

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