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The Living Dungeon

Having introduced the world of Cogmind from a macro perspective, we now zoom in on the anatomy of individual floors. In a majority of roguelikes, the content of a given dungeon map is unchanging, and individual encounters on that map play out in relative isolation. When you arrive there are X number of enemies in […]

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A World of Robots

In the previous post we discussed many of the traditional vs. unique characteristics of Cogmind, but one area was just too big to not cover on its own: the makeup of the world itself. For over a year on this blog we’ve demonstrated individual mechanics and features, along with how those fit into a bigger […]

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Cogmind the Roguelike

Probably one of the latest hot marketing terms to see rampant use in the indie scene is “roguelike,” regardless of whether it really suits the game in question. No, I don’t plan to tackle that can of worms (the topic gets more than enough attention over on /r/roguelikes), but I would like to begin a […]

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