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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Map Intel: Information Warfare, Revisited

We’ve covered information warfare on the blog before, in terms of the wide array of components and UI options available to Cogmind. Those features are centered around information about robots and other objects visible, seen before, or detected via sensors. There is a separate category of useful information, and its source and presentation were the […]

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ASCII vs. Tiles

Ah, a visual dichotomy not nearly as old as roguelikes themselves, but nonetheless of great significance today. While a game’s visual style need not always be rooted in its underlying mechanics (especially the case with traditional turn-based roguelikes), the choice between an ASCII or tileset map representation obviously has a major impact on the experience. […]

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Web Support in Single-Player Roguelikes

While we often think of single-player games not requiring an internet connection, and certainly many of us do play our roguelikes offline, there are advantages to implementing optional online features in a roguelike. Browser games, or roguelikes that require a persistent server connection to handle gameplay/content, are beyond the scope of this article. Those are […]

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