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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Drag & Drop

Cogmind Drag & Swap

I’m pretty sure Cogmind is the first ASCII roguelike to support a drag-and-drop mouse interface. Usage of drag-and-drop is not required, but it is slick, and will help non-hardcore players get into the game by enabling an intuitive feature common to modern interfaces. For mouse users, the original part manipulation controls (Ctrl/Shift-clicks) are still available […]

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Large Parts & Non-Parts

Cogmind Large Part

In the prototype, all items were parts, and all parts required exactly one slot to attach. The simple system was nice, but eventually you want access to more options, if only for special cases. As we’ve seen before the 7DRL version did away with all special cases, which is great for pumping out a quick […]

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Melee Combat

Cogmind Melee Part

The 7DRL prototype was entirely based on ranged weapons. While some special weapons had very short ranges, like the Mining Laser and Plasma Cutter, true melee combat was missing since there was no mechanic for it. Now you can go at it with gauntlets, hammers, swords, chainsaws, and more! Mechanics With melee combat implemented, Cogmind […]

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Cogmind Machines Mockup

One of the design choices for the 7DRL prototype meant to keep it simple and very focused on robots was the complete absence of anything in the environment besides parts and robots. The only other interactive element of your surroundings were doors, and even those would slide open automatically when you neared them. Cogmind is […]

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Multi-tile Robots

Cogmind Multi-tile Robot (3x3)

One thing you don’t see in a lot of traditional grid-based roguelikes is multi-tile units. Most such games are designed on the “one space, one entity” principle (though X@COM has had multi-tile units for a couple years). This makes things simpler from both a tactical and implementation perspective, but somewhat reduces realism when your fighter […]

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