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Maps Between Maps, and DSFs

I’ve described a few times (most recently when introducing Cargo Convoys) how Cogmind’s world is divided into two primary types of maps: main areas and branches. There is technically a third category serving special purposes, one that after many years is once again growing as part of Beta 11. This other category is what I […]

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Year 8 of the Cogmind

Cogmind is now in its 9th year of continuous development, so as usual let’s take a look at the past year of progress in yet another annual review! Although most of the feature progress I share is in the form of animated gifs, there are a handful of static PNGs as well which I’ve compiled […]

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Design Overhaul 4: Fabrication 2.0

The updates to Cogmind’s fabrication system aren’t exactly an “overhaul” to the extent seen with our other Beta 11 modifications in this series, and not like the one back in 2016 when the process was greatly simplified from its original early alpha form. As you’ll see this is more of a rebalancing, though it does […]

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Map Comments and Log Notes

Back in August I was watching the first Tone-MTF combo stream, and listening to them repeatedly strategize aloud so they could collaborate brought more than the usual planning talk to the forefront of the conversation, through which I noticed the occasional potential for manual map comments to be helpful. Very few roguelikes support freely adding […]

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Spicing Up Primary Maps 2: Area Denial

Our first dose of spice last time leaned heavily on risk-reward potential in the form of dangerous cargo convoys, whereas our second dose here is more about introducing additional challenging situations and increasing overall difficulty–less reward, more risk (although as you’ll see this new feature might also involve rewards for some builds). Introducing the Heavy […]

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