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Scanalyzers & Fabricators

Aside from the terminals described in the previous post, other machines have more specific functions and therefore a narrower range of options when using them. Below are two more such interactive machines. Scanalyzers “Scanalyzers” can produce a schematic for a specific part you provide. The first thing you have to do is get it to […]

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Terminals are the most versatile interactive machine you’ll encounter. Their primary feature is the ability to provide useful information. Of course that information usually doesn’t come without risks, and you’ll be hacking to get it as described in the previous post. Information None of the information available through terminals is absolutely essential to the game, […]

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Hacking, the Interface

As previously mentioned, there is no hacking “mini-game.” We don’t want to interrupt the flow of a game that can otherwise be quick to play (if that’s your style). Thus the process of hacking emphasizes a very quick “in and out fast” approach. Hacking Process Hacking a machine is a pretty straightforward process. Bump into […]

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Hacking, the Concept

hack /hak/ v. Gain unauthorized access to a system. For the past several weeks development has mostly focused on what can be considered the “other half” of the game. Aside from exploring the map, fighting robots, and re-building yourself, an entirely new component unseen in the 7DRL prototype is now being integrated into the game: […]

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Burnout, Momentum & EM Disruption

A set of new unrelated mechanics was recently added to provide more strategic options. I’ll summarize them together here. Propulsion Overloading Similar to overloadable energy weapons, some hover and flight modules will now support overloading as well. As a completely optional mode toggled through the normal activate/deactivate cycle, while overloaded a propulsion system factors into […]

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