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Year 9 of the Cogmind

Early this year Cogmind celebrated its 10th anniversary since it was first released as a 7DRL, and as the year comes to a close it’s once again time for an annual review to take a quick look at where we’ve been, and where we’re going! First here’s our yearly dev collage showing off in visual […]

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On Backtracking in Roguelikes

More than once over the years we’ve had discussions in the roguelike development community regarding the idea of “backtracking,” and with good reason: whether or not to allow it has quite a lot of implications! Here we’re primarily talking about the player revisiting earlier floors on their journey, rather than backtracking within a single map […]

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The Scrap Engine

Last time I wrote about item variants and randomization in roguelikes, and how Cogmind is purely based on a large set of static items, but more recently I’ve been running an experiment to play with not-so-static items. The entire mechanic revolves around a single new utility: the Scrap Engine. The Scrap Engine operates like the […]

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Item Variants and Randomization in Roguelikes

Most roguelikes apply some sort of randomization to their items, which makes a lot of sense for a genre focused on replayability. This can take the form of enchantments, prefixes, suffixes, or even randomized stats or different properties not necessarily reflected directly in an item’s name like the above list. The various possible combinations can […]

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Garrisons 2.0

Garrisons were originally added to Cogmind in the months after the first Alpha release in 2015 (see an overview here) as an optional location for players to visit, adding a unique extra dimension to the world to answer the question “what if I infiltrate these things where many enemy squads come from?” (More recently here […]

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