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Guided Weapons, Salvos & Overloading

Rocket Salvo

First, a recap. Weapons in the 7DRL prototype were divided into four categories: Guns: Encompass a wide variety of beam and projectile weapons. Cannons: More powerful than guns, but with heavy resource costs. Launchers: Fire explosives including rockets, bombs, etc. Special: A small category of tools that could potentially be used as weapons, like mining […]

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Straight to the Source

X@COM Source Comparison 2012-13

Last year I said if I ever decided to take Cogmind beyond the 7DRL stage I’d rewrite the entire thing from scratch. Note that “from scratch” is not to be taken in the absolute literal sense, since my intention was to simply do what I did for the 7DRL: Strip down a copy of X@COM, […]

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Core Concepts

Original 7DRL Evolution Screen

Before future posts start branching off into individual concepts and features, below is a quick overview of the prototype’s core concepts to serve as a point of reference. As the “Cogmind,” you play a special robot that can attach to any kind of part, all of which fall into one of four categories: Power Sources: […]

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Cogmind Returns

Cogmind Mockup

That’s right, your favorite modular robot is powering up once again, this time as the star of a commercial project by the newly formed Grid Sage Games. First, some history for those new to my work: Cogmind began as a game for the 2012 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge, after which it underwent a couple months […]

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