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Robot Hacking: Upgrades

Last year Cogmind got an expansive new robot hacking system with a lot of hacking options to use as either a primary or supplementary strategy. Overall it’s not as powerful as the simple placeholder version used in Cogmind’s early years, but it’s a lot more versatile. That said, as it was designed bothacking does become […]

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65 Robot Hacks

We’ve already covered the design behind the all-new robot hacking system, and now for the main course: the hacks themselves! The entire initial set is complete and ready for Beta 7, all 65 of them :D I’ll be talking about most hacks in this post, and you’ll notice their names follow a certain pattern throughout–all […]

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Robot Hacking, Take 2

Over three years ago, before Cogmind’s first alpha version was released, I wrote about robot hacking. Well we can keep that post around for posterity and historical research purposes, but as of the next version robot hacking is undergoing radical changes and a major expansion. This post will explain the fundamentals of the new system […]

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Robot Hacking

(Update 180712: Robot hacking has been completely replaced by a much bigger system–you can find a summary here.) Many earlier posts have already covered hacking as it applies to various interactive machines, a feature that was implemented a year ago. Only now have we finally reached the tangentially related robot hacking mechanic. Robot hacking was […]

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