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Robot Hacking

(Update 180712: Robot hacking has been completely replaced by a much bigger system–you can find a summary here.) Many earlier posts have already covered hacking as it applies to various interactive machines, a feature that was implemented a year ago. Only now have we finally reached the tangentially related robot hacking mechanic. Robot hacking was […]

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Ally Orders

Allies were previously touched upon in a post last year when factions were first added to the game. Since then they’ve been waiting on the sidelines for someone to tell them what to do. Now you can do just that. First it took a re-working of the top-center console area to make it the truly […]

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Allies & Factions

One of the major challenges playing the 7DRL prototype was a limited list of options for dealing with hordes of enemy robots that would alert each other and swarm you. You could fight them in a bottleneck or narrow corridor, try to herd them into a group and use a powerful explosive, or better, simply […]

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