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Garrisons 2.0

Garrisons were originally added to Cogmind in the months after the first Alpha release in 2015 (see an overview here) as an optional location for players to visit, adding a unique extra dimension to the world to answer the question “what if I infiltrate these things where many enemy squads come from?” (More recently here […]

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Maps Between Maps, and DSFs

I’ve described a few times (most recently when introducing Cargo Convoys) how Cogmind’s world is divided into two primary types of maps: main areas and branches. There is technically a third category serving special purposes, one that after many years is once again growing as part of Beta 11. This other category is what I […]

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Developing Multitile Creatures in Roguelikes

Creatures/entities that occupy more than one space in the grid-based world of a roguelike still aren’t all that common, although in the development community this is an increasingly popular topic. Many of these discussions revolve around how to solve various technical and design issues associated with this type of entity, and while I’ve provided input […]

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Roguelike Level Design Addendum: Static or Procedural?

Having walked through both static and procedural map design in the previous posts, this is a good opportunity to examine the qualities and value of each. Why use one over the other? Why not use both? Roguelikes tend to be associated with procedurally generated maps, so much so that we see mainstream non-roguelike games having […]

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Roguelike Level Design Addendum: Procedural Layouts

Last time I described the entire design and creation process behind Cogmind’s latest new map, though a single map can’t quite cover all aspects of the so-called “standardized approach” I’ve taken to level design in Cogmind. So we’re back again today to expand that article with a look at some more potential parts of the […]

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