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Monthly Archives: October 2014

New Cogmind Website

Cogmind development is finally far enough along that we have sufficient content for a proper website! If you noticed it at all, the original Cogmind “website” consisted of a bare-bones intro and FAQ. That placeholder has been replaced with a full site, so the game now has a go-to portal for information where you’ll find […]

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The Player is Always Right: An Existential Approach to Game AI

This post is not exactly as philosophical as the title might suggest, just a catchy way to paraphrase what I consider the best way to handle artificial intelligence in games. In short, as long as there aren’t any glaring oddities in a mob’s behavior the player will tend to justify what’s going on by whatever […]

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From Prototype to Full Game

I often look back on the time it’s taken Cogmind to reach this stage and ask myself “why the #!@^# is it not done yet?!” (That’s actually me standing in a corridor between a Potion of Speed Coding and Trap of Feature Creep.) More recently I’ve also been wondering if the investment is worth it–think […]

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