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“Desire Paths” for a Robot World

desire path (n.) — a planning term referring to a path made by walkers or cyclists, as opposed to one that is officially planned For years I’ve always been interested in making some kind of utility that allows you to see paths that were traveled by robots, partially because it just seems like a neat […]

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Exploring the Concept of a Terminal Roguelike “Overmap”

Lots of games have “minimaps” allowing you to view a greater area than normally visible in the game screen, although (except in maybe a few rare instances) these usually aren’t games with displays limited to a strict terminal grid like we have with Cogmind. After all, you can only “zoom” so much given the restrictions […]

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Building the Ultimate Roguelike Morgue File, Part 2: ASCII Maps

Although there’s only so much information ASCII alone can hold without color or a supporting interface, it’s still worth it for morgue files to include a map of the area around the player at the end of the run for added context. For wins generally not so much, but such maps can definitely be useful […]

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Building the Ultimate Roguelike Morgue File, Part 1: Stats and Organization

In-game content is important, but for many roguelike players there’s a lot of fun to be had outside the game as well, be it reviewing records of one’s own runs, getting good insights into runs by other players, or relying on data to learn more about the game and engage in theorycrafting. Back in 2015 […]

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Level Design and Shaping a Cogmind Experience

For years I’ve been taking a pretty standardized approach to designing each new map in Cogmind, and although we have dozens of them now, it’s one of the few topics I’ve never covered on the blog. This is essentially because a serious in-depth look at the entire process would require spoiling a lot of content, […]

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