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Writing about Cogmind and Roguelikes, a History

Something that’s kinda bugged me lately is when I look at the blog sidebar and notice that the article count in the archives seems to be trending lower, even though it doesn’t really feel like I’m doing nearly that much less writing. Now I’ve had some theories and assumptions to explain this trend, but it’s […]

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Cogmind Beta 11 Player Stats

Beta 12 has released, and that means it’s once again time to examine player-submitted stats from the previous major release! Beta 11 was particularly special due to its sheer scope and secondary aim at rebalancing a number of fundamental mechanics, so unlike the usual shorter coverage of stats that I do over on the forums, […]

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Cogmind Beta 9 Player Stats

For years now, with each new major Cogmind release I’ve analyzed the player stats reported for runs in the prior release (I covered this process in the latter half of this article before). Back when Cogmind came to Steam here on the blog I did take a close look at player metrics with a particular […]

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Player Metrics: Stats and Preferences on and off Steam

Wow, Steam release. The core roguelike community has formed the majority of Cogmind’s player base for a long while, but now we’ve had a wave of new players from Steam so we’ll have to see how this wider audience, and a larger portion of players new to the genre, may have affected some of the […]

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Roguelike Celebration--See you in San Francisco?

I’ve always wanted to go to an IRDC (International Roguelike Developers Conference), but they’ve always been in Europe, not easy for me to reach from way out here in East Asia. More recently IRDC has also made its way into the US, but always out on the East Coast, so still not quite within my […]

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