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F1 Help

Context help, already available for item and robot stats as described in an older post, is great for getting a bit of useful information on the fly. Unfortunately by it’s very purpose the distributed approach is limited to concise at-a-glance explanations that won’t bog the player down with excessive immersion-breaking text while in the middle […]

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Ally Orders

Allies were previously touched upon in a post last year when factions were first added to the game. Since then they’ve been waiting on the sidelines for someone to tell them what to do. Now you can do just that. First it took a re-working of the top-center console area to make it the truly […]

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Ambient Sound

Cogmind Ambient Sounds

Sound plays an important role in Cogmind, perhaps setting it apart from a majority of ASCII roguelikes. While sound will likely have little or no direct influence on the gameplay mechanics themselves, it still adds an important dimension to the experience since immersion is the primary focus of the game’s design. (Remember, you are the Cogmind!) […]

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Animation vs. Pacing: A Dilemma of Modern Roguelikes

One of the nice things about traditional roguelikes is you can play a game at any pace you like. Turn-based action means you can stop and contemplate your next move as long as you like, but at the same time instant feedback from actions means you can string them together as fast as you can […]

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Part Info Visualization Modes

I recently entered “tired of seeing notes about future tasks that could easily be done now” mode, wherein every few weeks I attack all those little comments that have piled up here and there while working on bigger features (most recently hacking). One result was the addition of new visualization modes for data about your […]

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