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Leaderboards and Player Stats with Protobufs

After finally ripping out the old leaderboard and metrics system, it’s time to build a new one! I’d technically already completed the first significant chunk of the new system months before, described in the Ultimate Roguelike Morgue File series. In particular the “Preparation” section in Part 1 describes how I created an external file to store […]

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Leaderboards and Player Stats: The Old Way

It’s the end of an era! From May 2015 through October 2019, Cogmind used the same architecture for score uploading and leaderboard compilation that I’d patched together a few months before releasing the first alpha. That’s all changing as of Beta 9 and the introduction of a revamped “Ultimate Roguelike Morgue File,” so I thought […]

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Year 6 of the Cogmind

As we enter the seventh year of Cogmind development, time for another retrospective! Alongside several major releases and events, there’s also been a bit of a shift in development style as we edge our way into (very) late beta… Maybe to be followed by (very very) late beta and (very very very) late beta, but […]

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Movement QoL

Movement is pretty convenient in Cogmind, an important goal to aim for since this is generally the most common action players will perform in a roguelike. Four different methods are supported out of the box, the mouse along with three different keyboard-based methods (numpad, arrow keys, and hjkl). About the same number of players use […]

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Steam Rich Presence

Last year Steam updated its friends list and chat client to support more features, and among them is support for “Rich Presence,” or basically giving games running under Steam the option to share with friends more about the player’s current state. As you can see I’ve now added this feature to Cogmind for the next […]

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