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Full UI Upscaling, Part 1: History and Theory

A long time in coming, but here we go! This marks the beginning of what will be the most significant undertaking in Cogmind’s UI development history: making everything bigger. Not just the map, for which zooming was recently implemented as a toggleable option, but all the text as well. This will be fun since I […]

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Year 10 of the Cogmind

Well then, we’re well into Cogmind’s 10th year now xD It’s kinda hard to nail down a clear “ten-year” mark, since we could measure Cogmind’s age from its birth as a 7DRL nearly 12 years ago, or when I started working on it full time in mid-2013, or its first commercial release in May 2015, […]

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Writing about Cogmind and Roguelikes, a History

Something that’s kinda bugged me lately is when I look at the blog sidebar and notice that the article count in the archives seems to be trending lower, even though it doesn’t really feel like I’m doing nearly that much less writing. Now I’ve had some theories and assumptions to explain this trend, but it’s […]

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Year 9 of the Cogmind

Early this year Cogmind celebrated its 10th anniversary since it was first released as a 7DRL, and as the year comes to a close it’s once again time for an annual review to take a quick look at where we’ve been, and where we’re going! First here’s our yearly dev collage showing off in visual […]

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Kyzrati’s Game Design Philosophy

Recently a player asked me a question regarding my game balance philosophy, and while I can often respond to queries by pointing to some previous article, despite all my writing and no doubt occasionally touching on related topics, I had yet to explicitly do any sort of summary of the philosophy behind my gamedev work. […]

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