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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Alpha Release State

Cogmind’s first public alpha release, scheduled for May as announced earlier, will be both playable and fun, but by no means done. This post explains what will and will not be included in the first release, and where development will go from there. What is ready? First and most importantly, what exactly can you already […]

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Cogmind Release Schedule

When Cogmind was rebooted in mid-2013, the intent was that it would be a relatively quick production that would take “about a year” to finish. As we approach the two-year mark, it’s looking like an accurate forecast would have been more than twice that. Of course, the original plan was to simply make “a polished […]

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Tileset 1.0

Cogmind now comes equipped with an official tileset! Originally we were aiming for two tilesets, one symbolic and the other realistic, but despite the promising concepts provided for the symbolic set, the artist unfortunately turned out not quite suitable for the position. With that we are down to a single tileset, though one with which […]

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