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On Backtracking in Roguelikes

More than once over the years we’ve had discussions in the roguelike development community regarding the idea of “backtracking,” and with good reason: whether or not to allow it has quite a lot of implications! Here we’re primarily talking about the player revisiting earlier floors on their journey, rather than backtracking within a single map […]

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Item Variants and Randomization in Roguelikes

Most roguelikes apply some sort of randomization to their items, which makes a lot of sense for a genre focused on replayability. This can take the form of enchantments, prefixes, suffixes, or even randomized stats or different properties not necessarily reflected directly in an item’s name like the above list. The various possible combinations can […]

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What is a Traditional Roguelike?

In the beginning there was the Berlin Interpretation… Just kidding, believe it or not there were arguments about what constituted a roguelike long before 2008, but in the decade since then we’ve entered a new era in the wider roguelike genre in which that lone word itself has become increasingly diluted as mainstream games easily […]

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Special Game Modes in a Roguelike Context

By their nature roguelikes are highly replayable, but can also serve as a great foundation on which to essentially multiply that replayability again and again. Adjust a few variables here, add a little content there, and you can have a very different game, one that some people admittedly might enjoy less, but they don’t have […]

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Turn Time Systems

I’ve always enjoyed turn-based games, giving you unlimited time to consider and react to changing situations (even if you don’t always take advantage of that opportunity and instead bumble into mistakes far faster than necessary). Turn-based mechanics are especially apt in traditional roguelikes, where the RNG typically plays a starring role and therefore said changing […]

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