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Color Customization

I’ve always enjoyed adding accessibility features, hence Cogmind’s sizeable options menu and even more extensive config files. Not everyone will have the same habits or abilities, or play a game in the same way, so where possible it’s nice to be able to accommodate different needs. Although I’ve talked a fair bit about fonts before […]

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FOV Aesthetics

At its most basic, displaying field of vision in a roguelike is simply a matter of whether you see a cell or don’t. These cells are in view–draw them; those cells aren’t–don’t draw them :P But there can be more to it than that! There are plenty of ways to get better-looking FOV, though before […]

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Options, Revisited

Cogmind’s game options were first covered in a post last year, but the selection has since expanded, and because their number has grown closer to what will be their final state, I went ahead and implemented the in-game interface which I’ll be introducing here. My original intent was to add a new top-level options menu accessed […]

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Part Info Visualization Modes

I recently entered “tired of seeing notes about future tasks that could easily be done now” mode, wherein every few weeks I attack all those little comments that have piled up here and there while working on bigger features (most recently hacking). One result was the addition of new visualization modes for data about your […]

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Cogmind Config

If a game has more than one player, there will always be more than one play style and set of needs. In game development it’s generally good practice to make features customizable if possible [without breaking or ruining something], and to add optional features that aid usability for those that need or want them. I […]

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