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Design Overhaul 4: Fabrication 2.0

The updates to Cogmind’s fabrication system aren’t exactly an “overhaul” to the extent seen with our other Beta 11 modifications in this series, and not like the one back in 2016 when the process was greatly simplified from its original early alpha form. As you’ll see this is more of a rebalancing, though it does […]

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Fabrication has just been redone, and it is good. I wrote a little about Fabricators a long while back when they were first introduced to Cogmind as a new feature we didn’t have in the 7DRL, allowing you to build robots and parts if you could get your hands on the schematics and meet other […]

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Unauthorized Hacks

Hacking has been around since early pre-alpha 2013, and while the early Alpha releases have dozens of commands you can use to achieve various effects, I’ve always considered the system a work in progress. There are more things that can be hacked, a few tweaks and changes to expect, and furthermore there are three major […]

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Last time we looked at what happens when you use the Unlock hack on a Garrison Access machine. Now about that rabbit hole… SPOILER WARNING: This post is going to be absolutely full of spoilers. There are so many details to the implementation of this feature that tip-toeing around them would be annoying and not […]

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Garrison Access

Nearly two years ago, five machines were added to the game, forming the core interactive environmental feature in the world of Cogmind. Since then we’ve seen the addition of a few more environment-based elements in the form of non-interactive machines and traps, but no more hackable installations. Introducing: the Garrison Access point! Background Locating exits […]

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