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Garrison Access

Nearly two years ago, five machines were added to the game, forming the core interactive environmental feature in the world of Cogmind. Since then we’ve seen the addition of a few more environment-based elements in the form of non-interactive machines and traps, but no more hackable installations. Introducing: the Garrison Access point! Background Locating exits […]

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Part Info Visualization Modes

I recently entered “tired of seeing notes about future tasks that could easily be done now” mode, wherein every few weeks I attack all those little comments that have piled up here and there while working on bigger features (most recently hacking). One result was the addition of new visualization modes for data about your […]

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Context Help

The casual player can get by for a while in Cogmind without paying too much attention to the details. Just strap on a power source, some legs, a weapon or two and you’re good to go. But a majority of players will no doubt be looking to tweak and optimize their build, and to do […]

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Info, Animated

The info windows have been overhauled and are now even more informative than before, made possible by smaller fonts. Before they were just walls of text and numbers, while now we have color-coded labels and bars to help quickly weigh the advantages and drawbacks of whatever you’re examining without being forced to interpret a bunch […]

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