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Developing Multitile Creatures in Roguelikes

Creatures/entities that occupy more than one space in the grid-based world of a roguelike still aren’t all that common, although in the development community this is an increasingly popular topic. Many of these discussions revolve around how to solve various technical and design issues associated with this type of entity, and while I’ve provided input […]

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Turn Time Systems

I’ve always enjoyed turn-based games, giving you unlimited time to consider and react to changing situations (even if you don’t always take advantage of that opportunity and instead bumble into mistakes far faster than necessary). Turn-based mechanics are especially apt in traditional roguelikes, where the RNG typically plays a starring role and therefore said changing […]

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How to Make a Roguelike

I’ve always wanted to put together a comprehensive primer on how to make a roguelike, something that could hopefully be inspiring while including both general and specific advice. This year’s Roguelike Celebration seemed like the perfect opportunity to force myself to do that after having put it off for so long, so I gave a […]

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An Alternative UI?

Normally when I publish a new article, the focus is on explaining the results of some new feature/mechanic/design. Today’s post is a little different because it’s about an important feature that has not yet been implemented, nor have I come to a decision on how best to handle it. I’m using this post as a […]

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Fonts in Roguelikes

The first aspect of a traditional roguelike viewers tend to notice is the color palette, but when it comes down to actually playing a game which requires interpreting large amounts of text, color takes a backseat to the importance of the font. Characters/glyphs form not only words and sentences, they even represent the map and […]

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