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Full UI Upscaling, Part 4: Simpler Lightweight Fonts

So we’ve developed the theories, we’ve got mockups, we’ve got the necessary architecture… surely it’s time to start building the new UI layout, yeah? Not so fast! It’s true we could start now, but on the horizon I could already see the increasing usefulness of another supporting feature, and decided it was a good opportunity […]

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An Alternative UI?

Normally when I publish a new article, the focus is on explaining the results of some new feature/mechanic/design. Today’s post is a little different because it’s about an important feature that has not yet been implemented, nor have I come to a decision on how best to handle it. I’m using this post as a […]

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Readable Text Fonts for Roguelikes

There’s a reason “terminal” fonts are a standard for traditional roguelikes even today. Certainly tradition plays a part, but even more importantly, they’re designed to be highly readable. Last year while still in pre-alpha Cogmind received a huge influx of font bitmaps to support different resolutions, in some cases with multiple variants at a given […]

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Cogmind Fonts

Cogmind currently comes with a whopping 26 bitmap fonts. This unusually large number is somewhat less impressive than it seems, as they are certainly not all completely unique styles, but it still took more than a week to draw, scale, and tweak them all to the point of polish sufficient for at least early releases. […]

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Font Creation

Finding the perfect font can be difficult, even more so if you’re also hoping that font will offer a unique appearance associated with your game. You’ll often come across fonts that possess several of the right qualities but have other drawbacks, especially when taking into consideration the many factors covered in the previous post about […]

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