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2018 7DRL Postmortem, Part 2: First Days with UI, Aesthetics, and Mechanics

Picking up where we left off at the end of Part 1, which covered pre-7DRL preparation… UI, It Begins The first stretch of 7DRL week was an exercise in chopping up and reconstructing an existing UI in the most efficient way possible. UI-first would be the best approach, since that would enable me to work […]

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REXPaint 1.0

Over two years ago, I released the first version of REXPaint, a tool I originally built to explore the possibility of adding art to one of my other projects. Since then it’s become a major component of my workflow for everything from art to UI mockups to map design and prefabs. Come November there hadn’t […]

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Tileset Concepts, an Open Poll

The response to last week’s advertisement for a pixel artist was overwhelming. I did expect a fair number of random artists from art forums just forwarding their portfolio, and certainly got that, but there were also a good number of applicants genuinely interested in the project itself. In total the ad had nearly 1,000 unique […]

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Wanted: Pixel Artist

Update 1/26: We’ve received a large number of applications, more than enough to find the artist we need. Grid Sage Games is hiring! It’s not a full-time position, of course, but freelance pixel artists should take note and read on. Also pass the news on to anyone you know who might be interested. I know […]

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ASCII Wallpapers

Shortly after designing and implementing the animated ASCII title screen, I figured we finally have enough material to put together a few Cogmind wallpapers. These are now available for many common resolutions over on the Cogmind website’s media page. Here’s a test of the first one while on a recent workcation in Japan. So far […]

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