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My Cogmind Dev Tools

I sometimes get questions about what I use to develop Cogmind and although I compiled a list on r/RoguelikeDev years back, it’s undergone a few changes since then, so it’s about time to put an updated version here on the blog for anyone who’s interested. Maybe you’ll find something useful you weren’t aware of before […]

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Building the Ultimate Roguelike Morgue File, Part 2: ASCII Maps

Although there’s only so much information ASCII alone can hold without color or a supporting interface, it’s still worth it for morgue files to include a map of the area around the player at the end of the run for added context. For wins generally not so much, but such maps can definitely be useful […]

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Roguelike Level Design Addendum: Procedural Layouts

Last time I described the entire design and creation process behind Cogmind’s latest new map, though a single map can’t quite cover all aspects of the so-called “standardized approach” I’ve taken to level design in Cogmind. So we’re back again today to expand that article with a look at some more potential parts of the […]

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Level Design and Shaping a Cogmind Experience

For years I’ve been taking a pretty standardized approach to designing each new map in Cogmind, and although we have dozens of them now, it’s one of the few topics I’ve never covered on the blog. This is essentially because a serious in-depth look at the entire process would require spoiling a lot of content, […]

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Map Prefabs, in Depth

An increasingly common approach to roguelike map development today is to have content partially determined by so-called “prefabs,” with layouts which are hand-made rather than fully procedurally generated. Doing so gives a designer more control over the experience, or portions of it at least, without completely supplanting the advantages of roguelike unpredictability. Prefabs are a […]

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