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POLYBOT-7, a 2018 7DRL

Back in 2012 I made a 7DRL by stripping down X@COM to create the original Cogmind prototype. Now, six years later, I’ve ripped Cogmind apart and put it back together as something else for yet another 7DRL :) I’ve always wanted to build more roguelikes, and the annual 7DRL challenge is a great opportunity to […]

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Cogmind Released on Steam

It’s finally happened. After over four years and more than 8,000 hours of work, Cogmind has just been released on Steam :D “Released” but Early Access. Some say that as soon as you release on Steam, EA or not, that’s it–you only really get one launch and the “full release” won’t make as big a […]

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Versioning Schemes

Normally I wouldn’t have another post up so soon, but the topic of versioning has become somewhat time-critical. I’ve been thinking over it quite a few times in recent months, but haven’t been able to make a final decision on where to go from here. Why now? Well, know that in one sense–one of the […]

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Cogmind Alpha Access LAUNCHED!

Cogmind is here! Pre-Alpha development has officially come to an end with the release of our first Alpha version over on the website. Thank you for your patience and support through the nearly two years that this blog has been sharing progress updates on the game. It’s been a long journey, and we’re not done […]

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