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Design Overhaul 3: Damage Types and Criticals

With fundamentals like storage and propulsion out of the way, it’s time to turn our attention to weapons! Originally there weren’t any plans for sweeping updates to weapons and I just wanted to rebalance them in a few areas, but as you’ll see here, a few smaller ideas ended up snowballing into something decidedly bigger… […]

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Projectile Penetration

At this stage of development I wasn’t planning on adding new mechanics, but projectile penetration has been hovering around on my to-do list ever since early playtesting showed the game would really benefit from a way to shoot through objects. The ability to simultaneously hit an entire line of enemies, or even fire through obstructions […]

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Melee Combat

Cogmind Melee Part

The 7DRL prototype was entirely based on ranged weapons. While some special weapons had very short ranges, like the Mining Laser and Plasma Cutter, true melee combat was missing since there was no mechanic for it. Now you can go at it with gauntlets, hammers, swords, chainsaws, and more! Mechanics With melee combat implemented, Cogmind […]

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