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Tileset 1.0


Cogmind now comes equipped with an official tileset! Originally we were aiming for two tilesets, one symbolic and the other realistic, but despite the promising concepts provided for the symbolic set, the artist unfortunately turned out not quite suitable for the position. With that we are down to a single tileset, though one with which […]

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ASCII vs. Tiles


Ah, a visual dichotomy not nearly as old as roguelikes themselves, but nonetheless of great significance today. While a game’s visual style need not always be rooted in its underlying mechanics (especially the case with traditional turn-based roguelikes), the choice between an ASCII or tileset map representation obviously has a major impact on the experience. […]

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Tileset Concepts, an Open Poll


The response to last week’s advertisement for a pixel artist was overwhelming. I did expect a fair number of random artists from art forums just forwarding their portfolio, and certainly got that, but there were also a good number of applicants genuinely interested in the project itself. In total the ad had nearly 1,000 unique […]

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Wanted: Pixel Artist


Update 1/26: We’ve received a large number of applications, more than enough to find the artist we need. Grid Sage Games is hiring! It’s not a full-time position, of course, but freelance pixel artists should take note and read on. Also pass the news on to anyone you know who might be interested. I know […]

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