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Year 3 of the Cogmind

timeline - cogmind_monthly_development_hours_201307-201611

Unbelievable… I’ve been working on Cogmind for three and a half years now. Yet another year has gone by, and this time the end is very much in sight! To start off, as I did for 2014 and 2015 here’s a collage of development images from the past year: GIFs outnumbered PNGs about three-to-one, but an […]

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Year 2 of the Cogmind


Cogmind has been in mostly full-time development for 2.47* years now, and things got especially interesting this year with alpha opening up. Again it’s time to recap the past year’s highlights and make, um, “educated guesses” as to what the future holds ;). Like last time, let’s first check out a collage of development images […]

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Alpha Release State


Cogmind’s first public alpha release, scheduled for May as announced earlier, will be both playable and fun, but by no means done. This post explains what will and will not be included in the first release, and where development will go from there. What is ready? First and most importantly, what exactly can you already […]

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Cogmind Release Schedule


When Cogmind was rebooted in mid-2013, the intent was that it would be a relatively quick production that would take “about a year” to finish. As we approach the two-year mark, it’s looking like an accurate forecast would have been more than twice that. Of course, the original plan was to simply make “a polished […]

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Cogmind Roadmap: Year 1 and Beyond


About one year ago I launched this new blog to provide updates on Cogmind’s development. 1,533 hours later development is still chugging along. Yes, I keep detailed stats about where time is allocated and plan to share those figures and more in a (much) later post, but today I want to write about the first […]

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