REXPaint Resources

After downloading REXPaint, you may be interested in a number of supplemental resources provided by other users.
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Consider sharing your own resources with the community! Send them to, or drop them on our forums, for inclusion here.


I've put together a REXPaint-specific guide containg tips and techniques for getting the most out of REXPaint, whether for art or roguelike development.

I've also written an article in which I explain the process behind Cogmind's ASCII art style.

For advanced users, the extensive manual included with REXPaint contains plenty of useful information, including a description of all features as well as how to extend REXPaint with additional palettes, fonts, and libraries.


A number of generous devs have shared their solutions for input/output of REXPaint's native .xp format.

  • C#: SadRex by Thraka, a library for importing .xp files.
  • C++: REXReader-C++ by Tim Stoddard, a C++ version of BaconSoap's importer.
  • C++: REXSpeeder by pyridine, a fast xp loader that that also supports resaving.
  • C++: mini-REXSpeeder by Mreuwu, a REXSpeeder alternative compatible with emscripten.
  • C++: RLTK by thebracket, a multifeature roguelike toolkit including xp support.
  • SFML 2.0: XPText by Tim Stoddard, an SFML entity for rendering xp images.
  • Python: XPLoader by RCIX (includes libtcod support!).
  • Python 3 + TDL: XPLoaderPy3 by Edern76.
  • Java: xpreader by Stinus Petersen.
  • Javascript: rex_sprite by chiguireitor, a Node.js module for loading and drawing REXPaint sprites.
  • Haxe: REXPaintLoaderHaxe by Matt Johnson.
  • Clojure: rockpick by Aaron Santos, an .xp import library.
  • Swift: REXPaintImage by Steve Johnson, an .xp reader.
  • C#: RexReader by BaconSoap (the original .xp reader, though it has some issues).

Other tools:

  • png2rex: utility for converting PNGs to .xp, by thebracket.
  • image2xp: python script to convert an image file to ASCII or .xp (sample output), by mtvee.
  • txt2xp: python script to convert a txt file to .xp, by mtvee.
  • txt to .xp: C code to convert a txt file to .xp (minus the gzip step), by gumix.


Download the linked text file and drop it in the data/palettes directory. Alternatively, download all the palettes in a single package (uncompress to data/palettes dir).

User palettes: Provided by individual REXPaint users based on their own work found in the gallery, or popular palettes I've collected.

Legacy system palettes: Provided by AtariAge members nitrofurano and barnieg.


Download the image itself, drop it in the data/fonts directory, and list the font in _config.xt, a text file. Alternatively, download all the fonts in a single package (uncompress to data/fonts dir, though you'll still need to update your own _config.txt).

User fonts: Provided by individual REXPaint users based on their own work.

  • qbicfeet font
    REXPaint's 10x10 tweaked by qbicfeet
  • Drake font
    10x10 by Drake
  • Polyducks font
    12x12 by Polyducks
  • gumix font
    6x6 CP437 by gumix (license: CC BY 3.0)
  • PixelCod font
    8x8 by PixelCod (license: CC BY 3.0)

Legacy system fonts: Provided by AtariAge members nitrofurano and barnieg.

  • Aquarius Home Computer (8x8) font
    Aquarius Home Computer (8x8)
  • Galaksija (8x13) font
    Galaksija (8x13)
  • Hitachi MB-6880 (8x8) font
    Hitachi MB-6880 (8x8)
  • MSX (Brazilian) (8x8) font
    MSX (Brazilian) (8x8)
  • MSX (Cyrillic) (8x8) font
    MSX (Cyrillic) (8x8)
  • Orao (8x8) font
    Orao (8x8)
  • Philips VG 5000 (8x10) font
    Philips VG 5000 (8x10)
  • SAM Coupé (8x8) font
    SAM Coupé (8x8)
  • SGI IRIS 3130 (8x16) font
    SGI IRIS 3130 (8x16)
  • SGI IRIS 4D (8x16) font
    SGI IRIS 4D (8x16)
  • ZX81 (8x8) font
    ZX81 (8x8)
  • ZX Evolution (ATM Turbo) (8x8) font
    ZX Evolution (ATM Turbo) (8x8)
  • ZX Spectrum (8x8) font
    ZX Spectrum (8x8)

Miscellaneous fonts: Provided by Polyducks. "Taken from the analogue tv's teletext chip specifications. The top row of characters are custom control characters and should not be visible on output. In order: Polyducks' logo, large font above, end large font, flash, end flash, hide, end hide, misc, end misc."

  • Ceefax Teletext (6x10) font
    Ceefax Teletext (6x10)
  • Ceefax Teletext (12x20) font
    Ceefax Teletext (12x20)