User Projects

Check out the games and software made by REXPaint users! (Click on images for full size version.)
While REXPaint cannot be used to make a complete game, developers use it in various capacities such as mockups, planning, mapping, and art...
Submit your own project here if you're using REXPaint for any part of it!


A tactical sci-fi robot-building roguelike. "Cogmind is an impressive merging of old and new school game design" --Rock, Paper, Shotgun


ASCII remake of the original X-COM: UFO Defense, with numerous additional features and mods.

Armoured Commander 2

Armoured Commander 2 (working title) is the Sequel to the WW2 tank commander game Armoured Commander, and will feature a completely redesigned interface, new gameplay, and a much larger historical scope.

The Prancing Bard

Play notes while you move and chime into the melody of the world to unleash the harp of the storms. Fight your way through 5 stages to defeat the cyclops or strive for the highscore in an endless stream of foes.


Bringing Moon Patrol by IREM (arcade legend from 1982) to text consoles. Platforms: FreeDOS, Windows, Cygwin, Linux, Web Browsers

Many more coming soon...