REXPaint Downloads

REXPaint is completely free to use, or even to create images (or other file exports) for your own commercial product. However, downloading, storing, or starting the program shows that you understand and agree to the following conditions:

  • REXPaint is made available "as is" with no warranty of any kind, and its author cannot be held responsible for any damage to your system.
  • REXPaint may NOT be redistributed over public channels; the latest version will always be available through this website. The program may be redistributed freely through private means (such as e-mail), provided all of its files (including all documentation) remain unchanged.
  • REXPaint itself may NOT be sold in any form.

See the included readme file for more information.

  • Current Version: 1.03 (160701)
  • Platform: Windows (compatible with Wine on Linux/OSX)
  • File Size: 750KB

REXPaint requires Microsoft VS2010 runtime DLLs (msvcp100.dll, msvcr100.dll) to run. If the application fails to start and complains about DLL files, download and install the MSVC++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86). (Also make sure the application is run with admin rights so that it can write to its own directory, otherwise it may crash.)


REXPaint will always be free, but if you're one of the many users who enjoys it and/or finds it a useful tool and would like to give something back, I'm happy to accept tips!

This will not ensure that any particular feature will be implemented, though certainly with more tips I'd be more capable of spending the time necessary to continue work on new features. I've already put hundreds of hours into REXPaint, and use it a lot myself, but there's more that can be done.

Anyone who tips at least $5 and wants to be recognized, will be added to the list below as thanks. You can optionally provide a link and I'll put that here, too.

Thanks go out to...

Matt Triplett
Phi Dinh
David Snyder
Laurent Birtz
Alberto Pérez


REXPaint 1.03 (160701)

* NEW: UI supports up to 9 image layers instead of previous 4 (Ctrl-Shift-l to toggle Extended Layers Mode)
* NEW: Batch PNG export of all images in a single directory (Shift-RMB on directory name)

REXPaint 1.02 (160502)

* NEW: Image shifting with wrapping (Ctrl-Arrow/Numpad or Ctrl-Shift-Arrow/Numpad for single layer)
* NEW: TXT file importing (conversion to .xp format) supported via command line (see manual Appendix F)
* NEW: Partial PNG image importing (conversion to .xp format) supported via command line (see manual Appendix G)
* NEW: Fill tool includes second mode for 8-directional search
* NEW: Unlimited font size regardless of resolution limits--NOT ideal usage, implemented by request (see "unlimitedFontSize" in cfg)
* FIX: One line junction glyph in the 8x8 CP437 font misaligned

REXPaint 1.01 (160112)

* FIX: Skins/fonts/palettes with long names not saved to config correctly, making it impossible to select them (1.0 regression)
* FIX: Ctrl-RMB "Copy Cell Contents (uppermost visible)" command was also selecting from hidden layers in some cases

REXPaint 1.00 (151220)

* NEW: Added more CP437 fonts (greater range of image zoom/scale options): 14x14, 18x18, 20x20
* NEW: Cellwise HSV color shifting of both foreground and background (interval controlled in options)
* NEW: Info window shows palette/art foreground/background color values under cursor, either RGB or HSV (toggle with 'q')
* NEW: Rect/Copy tools can show area dimensions directly on the canvas (toggle via "RDim" button, or Ctrl-d)
* NEW: Lock individual layers to prevent accidental modification ("Lck" button, or Shift-1~4)
* NEW: Hold Alt while cursor hovering over a palette color to highlight all uses in image (akin to glyph highlighting feature)
* NEW: Options menu (the 'O' button at the bottom, or F2)
* NEW: Program settings changed while running are saved/remembered for next time, without requiring cfg modifications
* NEW: Exiting while image(s) have unsaved changes requires confirmation (can be disabled in options)
* NEW: Reset image location to top-left corner via Enter (centering switched to Ctrl-Enter)
* NEW: Ctrl-RMB copies the uppermost visible cell at that position in a multi-layered image (working w/reference layers, etc.)
* NEW: Premade Arne32/Arne64 palettes available from the website resources page
* MOD: Enhanced 16x16 CP437 font's relative proportionality with other fonts
* MOD: Image dimension limits increased from 999x999 to 2500x2500
* MOD: Removed Undo/Redo buttons to save space (use ctrl-z/y instead)
* MOD: Autosaving now inactive by default (must set desired interval value in options)
* MOD: Layer delete button changed from "Del" to "X"
* MOD: Palette/color swaps only operate on unhidden layers
* MOD: Changes to layer hide/unhide/active states no longer count towards the unsaved progress indicator
* MOD: Different cfg format, now that options are available from within REXPaint itself
* MOD: Change skin keyboard command switched from F2 to F3 (also now accessible directly from options menu)
* MOD: License in README file more explicit about commercial use of images
* MOD: Removed backwards compatibility with pre-R9 .xp images (2013 format), which were converted by 0.99r9 build (2014)
* FIX: One mixed-line glyph in the square 10x10 CP437 font was 1 pixel off
* FIX: Reversed NW/SE directional canvas scrolling via numpad
* FIX: Using the mouse to select a value box in the color picker required an extra key press before detecting input
* FIX: Creating a new image copied the view offset of the image currently open, rather than resetting it to (0,0)
* FIX: Image browser couldn't collapse subdirectories at a depth of three or greater
* FIX: Copy-paste of lone transparent cell on layer 2+ crashed editor (Note: RMB-copy faster for this purpose, anyway!)
* FIX: Cellwise drawing off edge of image without releasing LMB damaged undo history, which could crash if accessed
* FIX: Could attempt to draw multi-cell objects to parts of a large image shifted under the tools area, leading to UI issues
* FIX: Typing a grave character at the end of a text entry would crash the font renderer
* FIX: Crash on running without an enabled audio device (now no such device required)

REXPaint beta v0.99r9 (140902)

* NEW: Image-wide single-color swapping (Shift-LMB in palette window)
* NEW: Scroll image up/down with Shift-Wheel
* NEW: Switch between current/previous image with Ctrl-Tab
* NEW: Separate undo history maintained for each image, making simultaneous editing of multiple files easier
* NEW: Expanded undo support to include image resizing and layer manipulation (all possible edit actions can now be undone)
* NEW: Active layer and layer hide states are now stored for inactive images
* NEW: Set default image dimensions and background color in config
* NEW: Optional hex input/output in color picker
* NEW: Palettes/skins/configs can now specify hex color codes (in addition to RGB/HSV/named colors)
* NEW: Duplicate image names are allowed, provided each image is located in a separate subdirectory
* NEW: Images with changes are auto-saved after a certain duration (interval set in config)
* NEW: Left/Right arrows skip to previous/next directory in image browser
* NEW: File browser supports directory collapsing/expanding (click on folder name)
* NEW: Ctrl-Left/Right collapses/expands all subdirectories
* MOD: Cutting from bottom layer auto-fills area with default image background color (used to be transparent)
* MOD: Set-swap palette color command changed to Alt-LMB
* MOD: Grid resolution command changed to Alt-Wheel
* MOD: Image-wide glyph swap command changed to Shift-LMB (to match new color swap command)
* MOD: .xp files now begin with an internal format version number (will retroactively auto-update old files)
* MOD: File browser extends to full window height when config dimensions are greater than default
* MOD: Create image in image browser subdirectory command changed to Shift-LMB
* FIX: Palette color moving works again (borked in R7 by glyph swapping implementation)
* FIX: Failure to load an image could crash file browser
* FIX: Two mixed-line ASCII codes were inversed (only affected flip-paste orientation)
* FIX: Significant optimizations when processing massive images (render performance equivalent to small images)
* FIX: Undo/redo functionality was failing for image-wide glyph replacements in multi-layered images
* FIX: Undo/redo updates image unsaved changes indicator when applicable
* FIX: Copy tool retains transparency of content selected from non-base layers, rather than converting it to black on paste
* FIX: Skipping to previous directory in image browser via kb (Left/Ctrl-Up) selects first contained image rather than last

REXPaint beta v0.97r8 (140209)

* NEW: Export BBCode (Ctrl-b)
* MOD: Pure text export stores ASCII in unicode (UTF-8)

REXPaint beta v0.97r7 (140206)

* NEW: Export pure text (Ctrl-t)
* NEW: Export to CSV (Ctrl-k)
* NEW: Export to XML (Ctrl-m)
* NEW: Export to XPM (Ctrl-p)
* NEW: Image-wide swapping of glyphs (Ctrl-LMB in font window)
* NEW: Toggle highlighting of already-used glyphs ('u')
* NEW: Multiple paste modes, added to support flipping/rotation of clipboard contents
* NEW: Set the grid glyph manually via config file
* NEW: Change grid resolution in program (Shift-Wheel)
* NEW: Hold Alt key while hovering over a glyph in font selection window to highlight all uses in current layer
* NEW: Grid can be set to appear under image (i.e. in undrawn areas only) (Alt-g)
* NEW: Text tool supports multiple lines (Ctrl-Enter), started directly below current line
* NEW: Text tool can recall any previously entered text for later use (Up/Down to cycle through history)
* NEW: Additional command for viewing previous/next image in browser (Shift-Wheel)
* NEW: Non-filled rects drawn with a single/double line glyph automatically draw a properly oriented ASCII box
* MOD: Ovals drawn from centerpoint by default (switch to corner mode via Alt-o)
* MOD: "File" menu renamed to "Image"
* FIX: Alt-key commands no longer cause system beeps (Windows)

REXPaint beta v0.95r6 (130903)

* NEW: Export to .ans for ANSI art
* NEW: ANSI mode (see manual)
* NEW: Added ANSI VGA palette
* NEW: Duplicate images through browser
* NEW: Rename images through browser
* NEW: Delete images through browser
* MOD: Lifted 25-character limit on filename input
* MOD: REXPaint.cfg specifies default canvas view size rather than console dimensions

REXPaint beta v0.94r5 (130726)

* NEW: Copy/Cut modes also display area dimensions in info window (like Rect/Oval mode)
* NEW: Resize canvas dialogue supports hotkeys ('w'/'h')
* NEW: Force a specific FPS cap in the config file (default was 60)
* FIX: Glyphs now shown properly in menu when GUI & Art using different fonts

REXPaint beta v0.93r4 (130514)

* NEW: Image position in canvas view remembered when browsing back and forth between multiple images
* MOD: Inverted directions when shifting image with keyboard
* MOD: Image border drawn around image rather than on its outer edges; also new style
* MOD: Non-image area in canvas may be set to a non-black color (skin-dependent)
* FIX: Text input mode no longer cancelled when cursor leaves image area
* FIX: Crash when typing text up to right edge of image
* FIX: Home/End keys fail to load image in browser, crashing it on next image load
* FIX: Browser keyboard input now allows selection of images listed outside visible area

REXPaint beta v0.92r3 (130513)

* NEW: Layer merging (Ctrl-Shift-m)
* NEW: Manual references BaconSoap's RexReader library
* MOD: Selection of a layer automatically unhides it

REXPaint beta v0.91r2 (130512)

* NEW: Expanded manual with .xp format specification and description of canvas border
* FIX: Releasing LMB/spacebar with a mod key depressed failed to exit active drawing/dragging mode, blocking further kb input

REXPaint beta v0.90r1 (130511)