"This game is fucking cool, man." - One F Jef (LPer)

"The number of games which are this good are few. But they all have one thing in common: they create a feeling of wonder. It's like you discovered a window into another world. I felt it in Dwarf Fortress and Eve Online and in Cogmind." - Peter Ståhlberg

"Best $30 I've spent on an alpha game in a long time; COGMIND by Grid Sage Games - punishing robot roguelike!" - Max Cahill

"Loving all my spectacular deaths so far. Thank you for the freshest roguelike experience I have had in years." - x40

"The sound design is spot on. Crisp, pitch-perfect sound effects make it super satisfying." - Ben Prunty (composer, FTL)

"It's like seeing Doom the first time when everyone was stuck with Wolfenstein at best." - HRose

"Last time I was so awestruck by the in-game world was when I first played Planescape: Torment." - o-k-r

"It's very very very good." - Adam Smith (RPS)

"Buy it. I regret getting Darkest Dungeon early access, but this is completely different. I really think this game could join the pantheon of top RLs. This game has the playstyle of DoomRL, the depth of ADOM, and incredible eye candy." - Happylisk

"Cogmind is like what talkies were to silent movies." - txthead

"Few roguelikes do even a half decent job of stealth and Cogmind goes much further than that." - zxc

"Grid Sage Games' Cogmind early access is pretty amazing already. Extremely intuitive interface in keyboard mode, and love the ascii mode." - ekun

"I bought this game about a week ago and cannot stop playing it. This is the most accessible yet traditional roguelike I've ever played." - phi6

"Freaking roguelikes and their number of ways you can die. Shot a nuclear reactor with a grenade launcher, it exploded, destroying all my stuff, followed by security bots responding to the explosion, followed by me being hit by falling debris. I like this game." - Facekillz058

"Early impressions: This game has an amazing UI. One of the few games where the UI enhances the experience at all levels." - James Barry

"Purchased, installed, promptly died 3 times before getting out of the first hallway. A+ roguelike, 10/10 would play again." - forsaken1111

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