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Author Topic: Progress Update: April 13th, 2017  (Read 1289 times)


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Progress Update: April 13th, 2017
« on: April 12, 2017, 08:14:38 PM »


Okay, so I'm still really busy. (What's new :P) Starting to pull 12-hour days just to try to stay on schedule, but this is partially because I decided that five endings just wasn't enough--now we have seven, heh. And lots more to do before Alpha 15 will be ready...

Among the little features I've been adding on the side:

I've always been somewhat annoyed at the long string of numbers that make up a random seed, so I came up with a fun to way replace them. Taking a cue from gfycat, Cogmind's random seeds are now actual words, or more specifically a combination of three words, two adjectives followed by a noun. The result of each is a fake item name, because the individual words are all sourced from the game's item list itself! It's pretty fun :). Sample list of random seeds:

There are plenty of combinations possible so there is effectively no loss of randomness. It's just a better, more human, way to handle seeds. Plus I'm sure they'll be cause for the occasional laugh!

Alpha 15 includes an experimental "visualization for sounds you can hear but not see the origin" feature. Example: "Seeing" a battle between allies and a patrol backed by garrison forces around the corner, including an exploding machine array. These are all sounds you can hear, but also shown at their precise locations, and color-coded by type.

More or less the same situation, but without the map, for comparison:

Bonus image: Cogmind mapgen visualizer I made a couple weeks ago.

Bonus 2: The Boulder.

We live up against a semi-rocky mountain that's not very stable, and one afternoon while I'm sitting in my chair on the fourth floor coding, this thing comes racing down the slope, smashed through the shed next door, and shook the entire alleyway o_O

No one was hurt, but the firemen did have to call in some guys who spent an afternoon drilling it apart in order to clear it out. I took a picture then got back to work. An interesting 5-minute break at least :)
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