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Author Topic: Proximity Alert: Developer Approaching!  (Read 1543 times)


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Proximity Alert: Developer Approaching!
« on: July 11, 2016, 07:48:33 PM »

I'm back! (original vacation notice)

Well, sort of.

Physically I've finally returned to my home office, though due to jet lag it'll be a little while before I'm ready to do proper work on Alpha 10. I hadn't slept for 46 hours before last night, when I crashed for 12 hours, so maybe that'll help reset my bioclock. Until then I'll be taking care of other residual effects of being away for a month, i.e. life stuff (including my hopefully final X-ray to confirm my shoulder is now healed).

By the end of the week I hope to have at least one new UI feature ready, but it's best to avoid doing too much work at first because when not at peak efficiency the chance of mistakes is higher, and the effort is often wasted because it introduces problems/bugs I have to spend time fixing later down the line, something I learned the hard way in my early years of programming :P

While on the road I made this:

"ASCII mode, for when you truly want to Be The Cogmind"

And also posted to the blog a big write-up on Inventory Management. It's mostly a review (and some analysis) of the available UI features that are related to inventory management, though at the end you'll find a quick mockup and discussion of the "full inventory" mode we were talking about on the forums some months ago:

Another thing I kept up was the biweekly FAQ Friday event over on /r/roguelikes, where I talked about Cogmind's Time System and Achievements and Scoring. There you can read about how some other roguelikes handle these things as well.

I have some big news coming up, but have to wait a bit before announcing it. (No it has nothing to do with Steam, just to get that out of the way :P)
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