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Author Topic: Alpha Challenge 2015 Results!  (Read 2552 times)


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Alpha Challenge 2015 Results!
« on: September 22, 2015, 09:12:21 PM »

Our two-week tournament has come to a close after a great turnout, six winning runs, and plenty of stimulating discussion.

Unfortunately we didn't see the return of several proven previous winners to compete for the top spots, but we did welcome a new combat winner to the fold--Happylisk, and zxc showed off with a whopping five wins, one via combat and four via speed/stealth. zxc even wrote a very helpful guide to the latter along with other tips (spoilers!).

mendonca painted his impression of zxc's highest-scoring build (original post):
Spoiler: Cogmind by mendonca (click to show/hide)
Beautiful job!

The final results of our Challenge have been compiled into a new page:
There you can also see a player-wise list of achievements.

Below are the winner lists (including the random prizes):

Best Escapes (prize: forum badge )
  • zzxc
  • Happylisk
High Scores (prizes: Cogmind gift key, in-game item attribution, forum badge )
  • zzxc
  • Happylisk
  • may2ever
  • Shobalk
  • BoomBlip
  • Agroesch
  • RoboCicero
  • zill
  • sve9
  • mendonca
Achievement Leaders (prize: forum badge )
  • Agroesch
  • Alexlascribe
  • BoomBlip
  • caga
  • Chad
  • cogger
  • DaftAero
  • Feckless
  • Happylisk
  • kumo
  • MacCoy
  • may2ever
  • mendonca
  • Oarsman
  • Psyha
  • RoboCicero
  • ryvn
  • safons
  • stylesuxx
  • Tuxedo Knight
  • ventricule
  • Xenocide
  • Zeia
  • zzxc
5 Random Participants (prize: Cogmind gift key)
  • Arnot
  • caga
  • glimjack
  • ryvn
  • Ugore
5 Random Participants (prize: in-game item attribution)
  • Adraius
  • DaftAero
  • Draco18s
  • haddron
  • Slartie
As long as you are signed up to the forums with the same name used during the event (or I know who you are), I'll automatically apply your badges within 24 hours. This also applies to all participants, who get a participant's badge: . If you've used a different name, you'll have to let me know.

Similarly, Cogmind gift key winners will receive their keys through their forum-registered email address within 24 hours. If you participated without a forum account, you'll have to contact me instead since I don't know who you are. (Although I might be able to find you if you've previously registered your copy of Cogmind via the forum provided at purchase time.)

For those of you who won the item attribution prize, to claim it you'll have to contact me (however you like--email, PM, Twitter, Reddit) and let me know 1) your Alpha Challenge name and 2) what name you'd like to appear in the item collection gallery.

(Unregistered participants--those I can't identify because you have no known forum account--who don't claim prizes within a week may have their prizes redistributed to someone I can contact.)

Thanks to Kacper Wo┼║niak for helping out with the forum badge awards, and thank you all for your participation!

You can browse the event thread for various stats reported throughout the past two weeks. Those graphs and more, all updated with new data, will appear in a dedicated blog post accompanied by my analysis. Full analysis posted!

In other community news: Seed runs will continue, and I'll be restoring the original leaderboards soon, with a few tweaks.
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