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Author Topic: Released: Alpha 2 - "Thanks to U and I"  (Read 4579 times)


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Released: Alpha 2 - "Thanks to U and I"
« on: July 19, 2015, 10:33:55 PM »

Our first major update!

The two primary aims of this release:
  • Perfecting the interface for the existing game (the next major release will begin adding new content).
  • Adding supporter names!
As usual, a big thanks to everyone making this possible. Sales are doing well enough that I don't have to worry about skipping over too many optional features in the interest of finishing only the original plan--a lot of feature requests have been added at this point.

To get the new version, use the download link provided in your original purchase email, and copy over your old settings files as indicated in the migration guide.

For a visual overview of some of the new features, see the previous announcement.

About Supporter Names:

Supporter names were copied exactly as entered on the forms, except for a few Unicode characters, which had to be converted because as previously stated those cannot be printed. Changes cannot be made unless you'd like to report a typo.

Note that to properly highlight your item(s) in the gallery, you must change your player name to the name which was used for the attribution, not the name indicated on the supporters list. (For many players the two (or more) names are not necessarily the same, but it was handled this way to accommodate groups who split ownership of a tier.)

For convenience, there is a new optional feature whereby the game can show supporter names directly in the item info itself (at the bottom), so you can easily see who owns what as you're playing :D. It's available only by manually setting "labelSupporterItems" in your cogmind.cfg file to 1. (If you are migrating your config from a previous version, this value won't appear until you run the game at least once, unless you add it manually.) Note that this feature replaces the descriptions available for some items, so it's not recommended if you haven't played before.

For those of you with an item attribution reward, remember that you may have discovered your item already (check the gallery), or your item could be very difficult to find and somewhere near the end of the game, or in a few rare cases your item may be so special it's not even accessible yet!

You'll also notice that there are still quite a few "unclaimed" items. This is because a number of buyers never filled out their form, so these items await their owners...

(If you haven't already, remember to use the form linked in your original download email to provide the name you want to use in game. Attribution/names are added with each major release.)

The full Alpha 2 (0.10.150720) changelog:
* NEW: Added 34 new fonts from 4 typefaces: Terminus, X11, Proggy, Dina
* NEW: All registered supporter names added to new in-game list (see Credits menu)
* NEW: All registered item-attribution names added to the item collection gallery
* NEW: Option to display item attributions directly below item info for every item (cogmind.cfg only: see labelSupporterItems)
* NEW: Gallery access button now also appears on top bar of game menu when sufficient room (widescreen resolutions)
* NEW: Buffered manual hacking commands saved between runs, even after program restart
* NEW: Consecutively opening item info windows automatically shows relative stat changes from the previous item
* NEW: Collision warning and request for movement confirmation prevents accidental unarmed ramming of robots
* NEW: Ramming robots collects a small random amount of matter from the debris for each collision
* NEW: Right-clicking on a map object opens its info window even while status or other another info window already open
* NEW: Left-clicking anywhere outside modal windows closes them
* NEW: Select parts listed under robot loadout to examine details (also works with ally inventories and even robot schematics)
* NEW: "Floor Gamma" option increases brightness of open floor and debris in tileset mode
* NEW: Keyboard examine mode capable of displaying labels for objects outside FOV
* NEW: If not in keyboard mode, "Auto-label on Examine" option now determines whether to display object label while cursor hovering
* NEW: Allied Operators within 20 spaces of you report changes in floor-wide security level
* NEW: Active treads reduce recoil for all weapons by 10
* NEW: Active treads immune to knockback from impact damage
* NEW: Repair Stations can directly scan and accept even currently attached parts
* NEW: Score sheet explicitly records whether a world seed manually set or randomly generated
* NEW: Score sheet filename appends a "_w" to denote a win
* NEW: Part rejection caused by system corruption stops in-progress run/path
* NEW: Sound played on taking screenshot
* NEW: Robot armament list shows individual coverage percentages when examined with proper scanner (as with other components)
* NEW: Tactical HUD mode option for advanced players is more meaningful (off by default unless migrating from a previous configuration)
* NEW: HUD displays predicted energy and heat change per turn if stationary, and per move if mobile (tactical HUD mode only)
* NEW: Item ratings shown directly in on-map item labels (tactical HUD mode only)
* NEW: Option to disable ESC access to game menu (cogmind.cfg only: see disableEscMenuAccess)
* NEW: Press ESC/Spacebar to cancel a run/path in progress
* NEW: Advanced commands list explicitly indicates how to cancel a run/path in progress
* MOD: Respecced all shotguns to dual projectiles, shorter ranges; some have lower accuracy and other tweaks
* MOD: Security level is reduced as you lose allies, and when Complex 0b10 AI believes you are being adequately dealt with and pose less of a threat
* MOD: Higher "value destroyed" score awarded for machine destruction and sabotage, comparative to effect on security level
* MOD: Manually called map object labels stay visible for a much longer period, or until toggled off
* MOD: LOAD setting can be used to fill matter/energy containers detached directly to the ground
* MOD: Item/robot schematic lists accessed from status window open info via RMB and close via LMB (anywhere)
* MOD: Context help windows close automatically on moving the cursor a certain distance
* MOD: Expanded context help text for item "durability" stat
* MOD: Clarified context help text for energy/heat movement costs in status window
* MOD: Optimized font loading speed on startup
* MOD: Map object quick labels blocked while item/status windows open
* MOD: Ramming robots increases the potential for salvage
* MOD: Pressing ESC while extended log is open shrinks it instead of immediately opening help/game menu
* MOD: Pressing ESC prioritizes removing any map labels over opening help/game menu
* MOD: Motion trail fade duration capped at 2000ms
* MOD: Pressing lower/upper-case letters and LMB/RMB on a schematics list all have the same result--display object info
* MOD: Data Core expiry raised from 30 to 40 turns
* MOD: Increased score reward for prototype identification, from 5 to 20
* FIX: Re-pressing 'r' now stops a run in progress [Sylverone]
* FIX: Quitting from gameover screen after loss was autosaving a dead Cogmind [zill, Gaspard]
* FIX: Katana and Scythe shared the same stats (now differentiated by making the latter more unique) [Gaspard]
* FIX: Opening help/game menu while unfinished log text still typing continued looping the sound until exit to game [Ghost73]
* FIX: Quick labels shown for robots standing on an item could overlap
* FIX: Closing OS window during ongoing dialogue was autosaving and could invalidate dialogue results
* FIX: Closing info, list, and dialogue windows while close animation still playing would restart the animation
* FIX: Sprite for multi-cell robots displayed properly in schematics info window
* FIX: Fullscreen setting changed through Alt-Enter wasn't saving to config file
* FIX: Typing a grave character at the end of a text entry crashed the font renderer
* FIX: Typo in basic help text for parts list: "Essental"
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