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Author Topic: REXPaint 1.60 released!  (Read 4370 times)


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REXPaint 1.60 released!
« on: October 10, 2020, 05:01:47 PM »

REXPaint 1.60 is primarily a complementary release improving the extended font support added in 1.50, and comes with a few other bonuses as well.

Most importantly we now have the ability to designate precisely all the glyphs you want mirrored by the copy-paste tool (and how to mirror them), great for fonts with a custom layout, and you can also customize the Unicode code points for your text output. The manual's "Fonts" section has a lot more info about these features.

In upgrading to this version you will need to update your data/fonts/_config.xt file (assuming you're using any custom fonts of your own) because two new columns were necessary to support the new features.

If you've customized your skins file you'll also need to update that with a new column at the end for Extended Font Row #s (also used to mark images that were originally created with font indexes that do not exist for any currently loaded font).

REXPaint 1.60 (201011) changelog:
  • NEW: Customize Unicode code points on a per-font basis, and override the default CP437 values
  • NEW: Customize glyph mirroring pairs used by the copy-paste tools on a per-font basis
  • NEW: Images loaded on startup containing glyphs with IDs beyond any loaded font have those glyphs temporarily converted to spaces
  • NEW: Browser marks images containing invalid glyph IDs with blue asterisk
  • NEW: Saving of images containing invalid glyphs blocked to prevent data loss (circumvent the block via REXPaint.cfg noSaveForOutOfBoundsGlyphs)
  • NEW: Expanded manual Fonts section with more info and instructions regarding custom font features
  • MOD: Font config expanded with two additional columns to support custom Unicode and glyph mirroring
  • MOD: Custom GUI skin expanded with a new color entry for Extended Font Row #s (also used to mark images containing invalid glyphs)
  • MOD: Unicode text and BBCode exports insert '?' for any glyphs without a defined code point
  • MOD: Copy tool rectangle drawn using the GUI font rather than art font
  • MOD: Dimensions readout for copy and rectangle tools use GUI font and compatible with multilayered images, displaying over higher layers
  • MOD: Updated some C:DDA image export color names to match latest documentation
  • FIX: Glyph ID display showed '0' for short duration if glyphHoverIdDuration active and moved cursor from a glyph to the Font window border
  • FIX: Crash on scrolling to end of extended custom font glyphs with alpha transparency if an even longer extended font also loaded in same session
  • FIX: Undefined behavior if startup loads an image created with a custom extended font containing a glyph index beyond the any currently loaded font
You can download REXPaint here, and note that as of 1.04 it's also available on

Some of the new features in action

Customized glyph mirroring with an extended font:

Text export after adding the customized Unicode values, which default to the standard CP347 layout:

How the new * image marker appears in various UI skins when you have an image that was created in a copy of REXPaint that had a custom font with more glyphs than any of the currently loaded fonts:

The C:DDA export support is starting to get some traction in that community, so it's great that REXPaint has significantly lowered the barrier to making that sort of thing. I look forward to seeing more :D

Happy painting/designing/mapping/developing!
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