Alpha Challenge 2015

This event has concluded, see the final results here!


1. zzxc Surface 30773
2. Happylisk Surface 23151
3. may2ever -3/Research 16288
4. Shobalk -3/Research 15898
5. BoomBlip -3/Research 14205
6. Agroesch -1/Access 13175
7. RoboCicero -3/Research 12289
8. zill -3/Research 11703
9. sve9 -3/Research 11001
10. mendonca -3/Research 10875

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1. zzxc 2.02
2. Happylisk 0.81


Achievements measure players against one another based on metrics other than raw score, and there is the chance for even relative beginners to be recognized for certain achievements. Secret achievement names, including in some cases what they refer to, will be revealed periodically throughout the challenge. (All achievement names and their descriptions will be revealed at the end of the event.)

1 2 3
zzxc (9136) Happylisk (8348) Shobalk (6898) Highest average score for all personal runs
Feckless (0.71) jimmijamjams (0.62) may2ever (0.62) Highest trap trigger rate
ventricule (1.16) kumo (1.66) RoboCicero (1.80) Traveled furthest with weakest peak rating
caga (78.00) Zeia (70.75) Chad (67.62) Highest percent of cannon shots
zzxc (4.76) Oarsman (12.50) zill (18.59) Lowest percentage of parts lost before replacement
safons (3) Alexlascribe (3) Feckless (3) Most robot analysis records
ryvn (3) kaiza (3) DaftAero (3) Lowest kill streak through at least seven regions
zzxc (9) RoboCicero (8) Oarsman (6) Highest total rating of parts built
stylesuxx (93) Chad (84) BoomBlip (35) Most games played
Xenocide (545) Agroesch (304) Feckless (185) Most ramming damage inflicted
may2ever (8) (unknown) (unknown) Most drone recoveries
Feckless (612) zzxc (605) Happylisk (476) Highest average influence
BoomBlip (0) Zeia (4) zzxc (6) Lowest average temperature
Chad (281013) stylesuxx (242407) Happylisk (192016) Highest combined score from all runs
Oarsman (144.26) Tuxedo Knight (142.85) zzxc (116.79) Highest hit rate
Psyha (14) Tuxedo Knight (13) Agroesch (10) Most Assembled kills
may2ever (5) stylesuxx (2) Chad (2) Most cave-ins triggered
Zeia (56.60) BoomBlip (93.11) Oarsman (98.33) Traveled furthest in shortest amount of time
mendonca (52.63) stylesuxx (46.15) CaptainKraft (44.44) Highest percentage of weapon slots
Feckless (38) Qbert911 (37) cogger (36) Highest exploration rate
Alexlascribe (0.00) Sherlockkat (1.25) stylesuxx (1.42) Lowest rate of tactical retreats
BoomBlip (1) Zeia (1) zzxc (2) Fewest number of different robot classes destroyed
Chad (41) Happylisk (30) zill (25) Greatest number of allies
zzxc (2) RoboCicero (2) Alexlascribe (1) Most behemoths destroyed
Oarsman (2.19) zzxc (1.58) ventricule (1.09) Highest rate of melee attacks
cogger (5.27) Agroesch (4.56) zzxc (4.51) Highest successful hacking rate
zzxc (100.00) Tuxedo Knight (64.28) Feckless (49.24) Highest percent of explosive shots
stylesuxx (13.33) safons (18.18) cogger (18.18) Lowest percentage of utility slots
Happylisk (7) stylesuxx (6) BoomBlip (6) Highest overweight average
zzxc (28) ventricule (17) zill (12) Highest rate of hauler interceptions
zzxc (540) mendonca (524) Psyha (475) Hottest volley fired
zzxc (76.00) sve9 (72.00) stylesuxx (68.42) Highest percentage of utility slots
MacCoy (494) BoomBlip (270) Arnot (251) Highest average temperature
Agroesch (35) sve9 (27) zzxc (18) Most terminal record hacks
DaftAero (3) Alexlascribe (3) Agroesch (2) Peak state included greatest number of wheels
Chad (100.00) RoboCicero (97.22) Oarsman (88.33) Highest percent of electromagnetic shots
zzxc (8.00) Happylisk (8.00) BoomBlip (9.52) Lowest percentage of propulsion slots
Chad (21.73) Lily (20.45) zzxc (20.00) Highest robot meltdown rate
Chad (2723) stylesuxx (2580) zzxc (2159) Most time played
BoomBlip (0.00) Chad (0.00) Zeia (0.20) Lowest kill rate for distance traveled
stylesuxx (38.33) Agroesch (32.50) zzxc (31.53) Highest rate of sentry kills
zzxc (1867) Happylisk (25462) (unknown) Fastest escape
RoboCicero (5.98) may2ever (5.47) Feckless (4.96) Highest rate of overload shots
BoomBlip (1.19) Zeia (3.14) TheWing (4.83) Lowest robot kill rate
zzxc (32) Happylisk (27) sve9 (21) Highest average inventory items carried
Tuxedo Knight (96.00) stylesuxx (96.00) zill (96.00) Highest average slot usage
ventricule (6.05) Chad (5.58) zzxc (5.35) Best prototype identification rate
stylesuxx (0.00) edg3 (0.00) Zeia (0.00) Fewest average inventory items carried
Chad (1069) kumo (1009) may2ever (887) Highest rate of salvage recovery
Happylisk (56) may2ever (17) Shobalk (16) Most robots corrupted
BoomBlip (2.00) shinygerbil (1.39) stylesuxx (1.32) Highest rate of tactical retreats
stylesuxx (1666) Shobalk (1666) Psyha (1666) Fastest speed reached
stylesuxx (1681) Tuxedo Knight (1296) haddron (1131) Most time in mines
BoomBlip (838) Happylisk (620) Qbert911 (439) Highest number of naked turns
Happylisk (38) may2ever (34) Chad (32) Highest system corruption
caga (5.53) may2ever (5.23) stylesuxx (5.03) Highest robot kill rate
Oarsman (3) may2ever (2) Tuxedo Knight (2) Most robots hacked
kumo (4.69) may2ever (2.95) Chad (1.47) Highest trap reprogram rate
caga (27.87) mendonca (24.46) Chad (24.21) Highest rate of fire
zzxc (96.00) Happylisk (94.73) Tuxedo Knight (86.36) Highest full trace rate
Chad (17) may2ever (16) zzxc (16) Best kill streak
Alexlascribe (10) Chad (9) Ruludos (6) Highest total rating of robots built
stylesuxx (100.00) may2ever (50.00) Feckless (50.00) Highest percentage of assault squads dispatched
Happylisk (17.55) Chad (10.00) stylesuxx (9.52) Highest corruption kill rate
zzxc (28.53) Chad (20.83) Oarsman (10.43) Highest manual hacking rate
zzxc (1210) Chad (1195) kumo (1136) Highest rate of destruction

For related Alpha Challenge 2015 discussion, see the primary event thread on the forums.


Rule #1: Read the rules:

  • To participate, simply use the in-game options menu to set your desired name and have score uploading enabled. As long as you are connected to the internet and Cogmind's connection isn't blocked, it will upload your score sheet (the text file only) to
  • If for some reason you can't be connected, or the upload fails, you can also send the text file(s) from scores directory to be added to the system manually. The entire original file, unchanged (including the filename), must be sent via email to (No need to write any content in the email--just attach the file(s) and I'll know.)
  • Play as many games as you like, but please use only one name throughout the event, ideally your forum name to make rewards easier to distribute. Note that spaces in names are now acceptable.
  • Anonymous players, scores below 500, and runs that use a manual seed are excluded from the leaderboards.
  • Obviously no cheating. Cheaters will be disqualified. This is the first and last warning.
  • Score uploads for this event are accepted from Sep 8, 23:00 to Sep 22, 23:00 (EST). Only scores from Alpha 3c (Cogmind Tournament Edition) are valid, and only the best applicable record from each player is used for each list / achievement.
  • Grid Sage Games reserves the right to change the rules and rewards at any time, blah blah blah... (pretend there's legalese here that no one understands, anyway).

Updates to this page are not fully automated, therefore it is only updated a few times each day.


You don't have to be the best, or even good, to win!

  • All participants will be immortalized on the final event page, linked from various sources.
  • Forum Badges go out to:
    • Top three High Scores (unique badge for each)
    • Top three Best Escapes (unique badge for each)
    • Top achievement leader from each category
    • All players who finish at least one valid game receive a participant's badge
  • Cogmind gift keys (including future Steam access!) for:
    • All players in the top ten High Scores
    • All players in the top ten Best Escapes
    • 5 players randomly chosen from participants (excluding those on top lists)
  • In-game item attribution* for:
    • All players in the top ten High Scores
    • All players in the top ten Best Escapes
    • 5 players randomly chosen from participants (excluding those on top lists)
    • *If you're not sure what this is: A name of your choice is associated with a randomly chosen item from the in-game item ASCII art gallery and collection records.

If you win a gift key or item attribution reward but haven't yet filled out the alpha registration form or signed up on the forums (either is fine), you may be requested to provide your purchase email address, as these are valuable rewards that can only go to confirmed owners.

Note that for players who appear in both the High Scores and Best Escapes list (by design there will be a good amount of overlap), only one gift key and item attribution will be awarded in that case.