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  • February 25, 2024, 08:14:31 PM
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Author Topic: Update 170908 - Something Stirs  (Read 1616 times)


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Update 170908 - Something Stirs
« on: September 08, 2017, 08:22:43 AM »

I'm back! Well, sort of and mostly :P

A couple weeks ago I was getting desperate and had exhausted all the other approaches I could think of, so the next step was to try Chinese medicine. Hell yeah for Chinese medicine. And needles.

This was me for a bit (only yeah not so much like the body of Neo the porcupine and more on my head :P)

And actually still every other day, but this and the medicine are keeping my brain in semi-functioning order. After the first week of continued rest to more effectively compare the effects to the results of my previous health-related experiments, I decided I'm good enough to begin some serious work.

So this week I started moving forward again (not at full speed, but we're definitely moving). Resting longer would be nice, but this okay-but-not-quite-okay state could very well continue for months or years, and money's not okay around here right now, so I need to forge ahead. At least I can think again! It sucked barely having any time during the day when I could concentrate on more than the simplest things. (I was mostly putting that time to use on our roguelike Reddit subs when I had it :) )

In forward progress, unfortunately I discovered some more business-related hurdles this week while running around talking to various government offices, and that ate up a ton of time and energy. In any case it was a necessary annoyance and now have a clear understanding of how to proceed.

I noticed recently that someone started a little Cogmind stub on Wikipedia. Yay, we have our own page! The release date is off, but overall it's a good start <3.

And because it's been a while since I showed anything, I had the idea to do some fun "alternative wall" images. No these aren't in the game or anything, but it's pretty quick and easy to see what Cogmind looks like with differently-styled walls, so we may as well try it out :P

First we have your regular small blocks:

Then larger ones:

And completely solid walls:

Solid walls without any floor dots:

And I even found the old X@COM wall code still sitting in the Cogmind code base, so here we have oriented narrow line walls:

(Mixed in there you can also see the earth still represented as # within the walls.)

I wanted to see what some wall-related animations might look like as they interact with the different cells, so I tried an Exp. Terrain Scanner on the solid walls:

And then also on the line walls:

Pretty neat, eh? (Cue endless requests...)

It still might be a bit quiet around here in the meantime since I will be working towards the Steam release as the next step, rather than any major update. Of course I'll post updates as available, though much of the progress over the next few weeks will likely not be newsworthy or worth showing around (if there's anything to see at all :P).
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