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  • May 19, 2024, 02:19:30 PM
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Author Topic: xcom ufo defense interceptor dwarf fortress homeworld planetary annihilation  (Read 2940 times)


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I had a great time the other day daydreaming about how great it would be to somehow take everything i enjoy about a whole bunch games and have it all in the one.

procedural planet generation
Bases on the planets surface like in original xcom
Procedural miniature galaxies from xcom interceptor
space stations built above your higher tier planets
expand and conquer style universe macro play like sins but broader
play/pause RTS style engagements on the ground and in space (and simultaneous?? if you could keep the game size down and limit the amount of interaction. simultaneous probably wouldn't work but the idea of it is amazing... imagine defending a space station while attacking a mining platform while infiltrating 2 enemy hives while escorting your next colony ship... kind of like sins meets dwarf fortress meets elite if the map size gets too big it would surley have to stick to smaller tactical engagements)
graphics in cogmind have totally captured me so i have to steal your style here
sounds and interface i imagine as being some kind of holy mashup of my favorite supreme commander mods and cogmind
would need to add some sort of rescource generation to go along with the government funding idea though... unless we stick to the way interceptor handled it and brought incomes with expansion and influence.

i did actually flesh this out a lot more in my head but it would take a while to write down. you get the idea!

we could call it ascii homeworld... original thought at work right there!



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You start now and we'll see where you are in another decade! I'm sure you'll get plenty of great input over in the Bay 12 forums :)

I certainly spent my fair share dreaming about a much more grand space game with all kinds of elements like that. It was what I wanted to make (and started to make in console/text form) back in the late 90s when I was first getting into programming. Earlier than that I made a PnP version with a vast setting and mechanics spanning all sorts of possibilities and "modes of interaction," but of course that's much easier than coding it out, hehe. Oh to have some hundreds more years of life to see some things like this come to fruition! I occasionally mull over and flesh out minor elements of my ASCII megagame, but at the same time it's also kinda depressing thinking that by the time it's done, if it could ever be "done," I'd be really really old...

"ASCII Homeworld" actually doesn't sound half bad.
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