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Author Topic: Released: REXPaint 1.02  (Read 4610 times)


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Released: REXPaint 1.02
« on: May 01, 2016, 10:51:17 PM »

A bunch of other devs have been making cool stuff with REXPaint, so I took a day after releasing the latest Cogmind Alpha to throw in a few of the easier features on the TODO list (sorry, the tough stuff will have to wait until Cogmind is done!).

The full REXPaint 1.02 (160502) changelog:

* NEW: Image shifting with wrapping (Ctrl-Arrow/Numpad or Ctrl-Shift-Arrow/Numpad for single layer)
* NEW: TXT file importing (conversion to .xp format) supported via command line (see manual Appendix F)
* NEW: Partial PNG image importing (conversion to .xp format) supported via command line (see manual Appendix G)
* NEW: Fill tool includes second mode for 8-directional search
* NEW: Unlimited font size regardless of resolution limits--NOT ideal usage, implemented by request (see "unlimitedFontSize" in cfg)
* FIX: One line junction glyph in the 8x8 CP437 font misaligned

Some of the new features in action:

An imported txt file.

Shifting an image, with content wrapping to the other side.

I also included this experimental tool I was playing with earlier this year, though I wonder if anyone else will actually get any use out of it :P...

Importing a .png screenshot from ADOM into an editable .xp format.

Another from Brogue.
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