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Author Topic: Released: Alpha 5c - "Personal Assistant"  (Read 2822 times)


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Released: Alpha 5c - "Personal Assistant"
« on: December 21, 2015, 11:59:45 PM »

Yet another minor version release :D

The aim of this one isn't fixes, however, which could've waited, but instead some cool new UI features:

This takes the auto-replace feature in Alpha 5 one step further, as pictured. Moreover, it also applies to simply picking up items--they'll now replace applicable items occupying a full inventory (following the same rules).

I was playing around with Alpha 5 making a few early improvements based on my experiences, and decided there was no reason to sit on such useful features until Alpha 6, so here they are!

The full Alpha 5c (0.10.151222) changelog:

* NEW: 5 new power sources
* NEW: Auto-replaced attached items that cannot be moved to the inventory (full) will use the same auto-replacement rules to attempt to displace an even worse third item (in inventory) if applicable
* NEW: Picking up items with full inventory attempts to auto-replace a worse item using same rules as attached part auto-replacement
* NEW: Powerful new Trojan hack (secret)
* MOD: Brawler/Behemoth class robots power sources changed
* FIX: New Alpha 5 bonus score system broke the win point formula [Decker]
* FIX: Score sheet combat kill streak count could exceed combined combat/non-combat value [zxc]
* FIX: Attempting to auto-replace with a multi-slot part wasn't fully blocked as intended, letting the action reach a half-completed state
* FIX: Auto-replacement mechanism ignores unidentified items for purposes of checking utility effect replacement priority

Note: Saves are not compatible, because I added some new items, but despite the changes, technically seeds are compatible across Alpha 5/5b/5c.
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