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Author Topic: True flier pacifist + shutout  (Read 1510 times)

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True flier pacifist + shutout
« on: December 26, 2021, 10:50:16 AM »

This was my first attempt at both "true flier" and "pacifist"(at least that i can remember), which is part of the reason i combined them. I began by wanting to get "true flier" and thought getting "pacifist" at the same time would be a good idea, since i imagined flight was great for stealth. (By the way, this was also my first flight run(that i can remember.))

-10 materials went somewhat poorly, i was spotted by hostiles very quickly and, despite knowing it didn't lead to the mines, took the first exit i saw, hoping the Exiles would be at -9. I did find some flight units though.
-9 materials, despite being chased by more bots, went somewhat better, as i found an exit to the mines.
-9 mines began very well : "something is scanning the area"! But before i found the path to the Exiles, i was spotted by swarmers! While searching for the exit, i found... A stash of uninstalled blade traps! With those, i was able to fend off my pursuers ("pacifically")! I later met another swarmer squad, and trapped them too. However, i wanted to keep the last few(1 or 2) traps for emergencies and so i didn't disable the last swarmer's fighting abilities. After that i ended up finding the exit to the Exiles. And they had a Cloak of Protection! Armed with Farcom, the best cloaking device and flight, the future was looking bright.
No notable things happened for a while(got to Zion, fabricated some VTOL modules in -6, then met Dataminer, all without any major difficulties.)
Thanks to Dataminer's schematics, i was able to fabricate an Exp. Cesium-ion Thruster in -5. I also found a propulsion array, either in -6 or in -5.

Spoilers for -5/-4 special cave branches, as well as some things in Research!
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

If i learned anything from that run, it's that "true flier" and "pacifist" aren't that good of a combo at the beginning, unless you have great luck (which i had). And also that i terribly underestimated flight builds. Seriously, it felt like easy mode. Actually, easier than that.

Seed : GhostParticleNanoactuators [10.2]
Scoresheet :
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Re: True flier pacifist + shutout
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2021, 05:03:14 AM »

Yeah flight definitely has it easy when it comes to at least staying alive in most cases :P (w0 also being a relatively easy way to reliably reach the surface when you can hack the exits and zip by everything), though pacifist can be a pretty tough one due to other constraints! Funny that you got it with a little help from traps :)
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