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  • February 25, 2024, 08:41:23 PM
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Author Topic: Cogmind Leaderboards Reborn!  (Read 3684 times)


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Cogmind Leaderboards Reborn!
« on: August 25, 2020, 02:51:43 PM »

YES, the leaderboards are back in action!

With a big Beta 10 mostly done and coming soon, we really needed to get official Beta 9 leaderboards up and running. Not to mention there are plenty of people out there who enjoy either aiming to rise through the ranks, or maybe just browse the leaderboards or other runs to see what others are up to. And of course with Beta 9's incredibly detailed new scoresheets there's even more to see in that regard!

Since they've been silent for a while, the boards currently include all seven releases since Beta 8.

To celebrate, Zyalin drew a bunch of us "Climbing the Ladder":

Of course roguelike god GJ is always there waiting to put us in our place ;)

At the bottom of the leaderboards you'll find a section listing more info about the rankings, and the usual links to archived scores and stats. New in this updated version you'll also find links to one-time leaderboards for past special modes, as well as patron leaderboards for those playing experimental prerelease versions.

Also down there you'll find a link to this nifty new menu, where you can access all runs by all players by version. (Well, "all" meaning those who have opted in to score uploading, since that's all we have data for!)

Technically we had this feature before, but it was simply a bunch of text files sitting on a server and navigated via your browser's file browser. Not ideal! Now we have basic run data in table format, styled for even more convenient browsing :D

Maps are color coded, as are difficulty modes and even score. Plus you've got both the date and mode right there. Another excerpt from a different version:

The scoresheet link on the right gives full data for each run.

Looking forward to seeing new players and interesting runs pop up on the boards where everyone can check them out :)

As for Beta 10, it's just about done, but shortly before I was about to finish everything on the list I decided to add some pretty significant new content (we're suddenly getting two new endings :P) so it's taking longer than originally planned. Anyway, more dev time just means more stuff, so stay tuned ;)
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